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Toyota GR Yaris Honeycomb pattern Shift Knob

Toyota GR Yaris Honeycomb pattern Shift Knob

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Elevate Your Drive: Honeycomb Shift Knob for Toyota GR Yaris

Transform your gear-shifting experience with our Honeycomb Shift Knob, tailor-made for the Toyota GR Yaris. Ideal for those seeking a taller knob or those with a short shifter kit installed, this knob enhances your control and leverage, making every shift smoother and more precise.

Weighted for Performance

Each knob is meticulously weighted with an M16 screw, boasting a total weight of 189 grams. This deliberate design ensures a solid and satisfying gear change every time.

Made in Sweden

Proudly designed and manufactured in Sweden, our shift knob is a testament to precision engineering. Crafted from high-quality, high-temperature Swedish PLA, it’s printed solid for durability and longevity. To maintain its integrity, please avoid exposing the knob to temperatures exceeding 70°C (158°F).


We always use materials made in Sweden. PLA and TPU.

Care information

Do not expose for temperatures over 60 degrees celsius.

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