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GoPro Mount for Recaro Pole Position & Profi SPG - V3 - for Right Seat

GoPro Mount for Recaro Pole Position & Profi SPG - V3 - for Right Seat

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Capture Your Driving: GoPro Mount for Pole Position & Profi SPG Seats

Elevate your track days and time-attack sessions with our GoPro Seat Mount, meticulously engineered for Recaro Pole Position and Profi SPG seats. The innovative use of soft TPU is designed to mitigate vibrations transmitted from the seat to the camera, ensuring smooth footage.

Compatibility & Choice

Our mount is fully compatible with all GoPro cameras, offering dedicated versions for either the left or right seat. This listing is for the RIGHT seat option, suitable for both leather and Alcantara finishes.

Installation Tips:

For an optimal filming angle and minimal driver interference, we recommend mounting on the passenger's side. This setup is particularly advantageous for drivers wearing helmets, reducing potential obstructions and ensuring a clear shot of the action. No tools are needed for installation.

Made in Sweden:

Proudly designed and manufactured in Sweden, our mounts are crafted from premium high-temp Swedish PLA and TPU. These material choices guarantee the mount's longevity and its ability to withstand environments up to 70°C (158°F). 

Please note that the images of the installed mount shows an older version. The new version 3 installs the same way but is 80mm closer to centerline in car. We will update those mage soon.


We always use materials made in Sweden. PLA and TPU.

Care information

Do not expose for temperatures over 60 degrees celsius.

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