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GoPro camera mount for BMW G8X (G87 G80 G82) (M2 M3 M4)

GoPro camera mount for BMW G8X (G87 G80 G82) (M2 M3 M4)

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GoPro armrest mount for BMW G8X seres of cars. Like G87 M2, G80 M2 and G82 M4. Might fit other G-series cars as well. For example it will fix BMW i4 (G26).

Installation is effortless. Simply open the armrest and securely clamp the mount onto the hook located under the armrest cover. This convenient solution allows you to capture your driving moments from inside the car, providing a clear view of your steering wheel and gear shifting actions.

Soft TPU material is used to securely clamp the mount between the armrest lin and the panel below it.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, this mount is crafted using high temp Swedish PLA material, ensuring durability and reliability. Please avoid exposing the mount to temperatures exceeding 75 degrees.

Elevate your filming experience with the GoPro Armrest Mount, designed to enhance your track-day and time-attack events.


We always use materials made in Sweden. PLA and TPU.

Care information

Do not expose for temperatures over 60 degrees celsius.

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