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GoPro Seat Mount (Left Seat Version) for Recaro Pole Position and Profi SPG

GoPro Seat Mount (Left Seat Version) for Recaro Pole Position and Profi SPG

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GoPro Seat Mount for Recaro Pole Position and Profi SPG: the perfect accessory for capturing your track-day or time-attack events from inside your car. With 100% GoPro compatibility, this mount ensures that you never miss a moment of your thrilling driving experiences.

Please note that there are two versions of this mount: one for the left seat and one for the right seat. This particular mount is designed for the LEFT side seat. Additionally, two front parts are included, catering to both Leather and Alcantara seats.

When ordering, please ensure that you select the correct version for your car. While the mount can be used in either the driver's or passenger's seat, it is recommended to install it in the passenger seat to minimize any obstruction caused by the driver, especially if they wear a large helmet that may partially block the video.

Kindly note that the images featuring the mount attached to the Pole Position car depict an older version. The current version boasts minor updates and improvements, which can be seen in the other accompanying images.

Crafted in Sweden, this mount is designed and manufactured using high-quality Swedish PETG, ensuring durability and reliability. Please keep in mind that this product should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 75 degrees.


We always use materials made in Sweden. PLA and TPU.

Care information

Do not expose for temperatures over 60 degrees celsius.

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